ADELACU is a technology company founded in 2003 in Chile, whose major activity is to provide services to improve relationships between companies with customers in telephone communications. Most of the technology used is developed inhouse and also with the colaboration of partners, and integrated with other technical suppliers. The key is the technology knowledge that gives the flexibility to satisfy customers needs.

ADELACU has customers in Chile and abroad. The systems are supported remotely from Santiago and accomplished with local partners in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and Perú.

The services can be provided in 2 modes according the customer requirements: on premise or cloud. Some of the products are the following:

Call recording

Telephone surveys, inbound and outbound

Automatic appointment confirmation


Automatic attention with voice recognition

Voice Biometrics

Voice Form

Overflow attention

Ticket operation

Contact Form

ADELACU is located in Estoril 200 of. 727 Las Condes, Santiago de Chile, postal code 7591047. If you want to contact ADELACU you may call to 56 22 891-3291 or 56 22 951-9294 , email to or fill the following form.